Planning in the Face of Climate Change

The Future of Duxbury Beach

Permitting and design project process

Learn More About the Permitting and Planning Work on Duxbury Beach

Thank you to everyone who joined us on February 12 to hear from Woods Hole Group Coastal Scientist, Elise Leduc, and DBR Executive Director, Cris Luttazi, about the challenges facing Duxbury Beach today and how we are working to strengthen the beach.  

Missed the Future of Duxbury Beach event on February 12?  Don't worry!  Check out the Woods Hole Group presentation here!

Design and Permitting for Nature-Based Storm-Damage Protection Measures for Duxbury Beach 

The Reservation is in the midst of a large-scale planning effort to protect Duxbury Beach.  With help from a $131,000 grant from Mass Coastal Zone Management (CZM) and experts from the Woods Hole Group, we are analyzing, planning, and permitting for different projects over the next 10 years.  Cobble berms on bayside, dune and beach nourishment, salt marsh restoration, and access road repair are on the agenda.

View the PACTV presentation given by DBR's Executive Director, Cris Luttazi, and Woods Hole Group's Elise Leduc on June 24th here!

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