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Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc.’s bylaws require that its governing body shall include representatives of environmental organizations and that a majority of the directors shall reside in Duxbury. Among the trustees are coastal geologists, engineers, conservationists, business professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, photographers, beach walkers, and all are enthusiastic beach goers.

Board of Directors

Sue Rourke, President

Joseph M. Grady, Jr., Vice-President

Teak Hewitt, Treasurer

Timothy McCrystal, Clerk

Wayne Dennison

William Hartigan

Clark J. Hinkley

Stephen Kearney 

Andre Martecchini

Corey Wisneski 


Colleen Brayer

Betsey Campbell

Martha Clapp

Fred Clifford

Ted Devnew

Pam Earle 

Becky Garrett 

Don Gunster 

Robert F. Hayes

Marta Johnston 

Margaret Kearney

Tammy A. Kirk

James F. O’Connell

W. Richmond Poole

Andrea Rodericks

Melanie Seely

Alan C. Vautrinot

Jason Wolfson


Peter A. Alpert

Nancy Bennett

Kay Foster

Lester Smith


Finance/Audit Committee coordinates the board’s financial oversight responsibilities by recommending policy to the board, interpreting policy for the staff, and monitoring  implementation of any policies voted by the board. The committee shall be appointed by the DBR Board of Directors. Committee members will have a strong background in accounting, finance, nonprofit governance, or business.  

Governance/Nominating Committee is responsible for enhancing the quality and future viability of the board of directors and for ensuring board effectiveness, maximum participation and performance. The committee shall be appointed by the DBR Board of Directors. 

Development Committee leads DBR’s development efforts, including resource development and fundraising. The committee is the board of directors’ central source of information about the fundraising climate in general, and about the status of DBR’s fundraising activities in particular. The committee develops an annual fundraising strategy according to strategic objectives. Prior fundraising skills and experience or a desire to develop such are important qualifications for membership on this committee.

Coastal Landforms and Ecology Committee reviews and makes recommendations on actions or projects involving or affecting DBR property, including the barrier beach and adjacent salt marsh, and landward, Duxbury Harbor, paying particular attention to the barrier beach structure, vegetation, wildlife, manmade features, and recreational uses. 

Beach Status

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Duxbury Beach Operations Division.

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