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Duxbury Beach is a 7.5-mile long barrier beach that extends from Marshfield in the north to Gurnet Point and Saquish in the south.  Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, owns 4.5 miles of Duxbury Beach. 

The Reservation's mission is to PRESERVE Duxbury Beach to safeguard the adjacent bays and mainland, PROTECT wildlife and vegetation while welcoming the public to ENJOY.  

Who We Are

The Reservation's day to day activities are managed by a small professional team and supported by a Board of Directors and trustees with professional backgrounds in a multitude of specialties.  

The Reservation is responsible for preserving the dunes and maintaining the parking lots as well as the protection of state and federally listed species on Duxbury Beach.  The Reservation has developed an extensive and robust training, monitoring, and reporting program to track and manage listed species. 


The Reservation leases a large portion of the beach.  Beach stickers are purchased for access to the parking lots and the outer beach for over sand vehicles.  


The Reservation has many sources of income including parking revenue, lease payments, grants and private donations, which help ensure proactive measures to protect the beach as well offset expenses of costly storm damage and related repairs.

Beach Status

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Beach Operations Division.

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