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Duxbury Beach Reservation's mission is to preserve Duxbury Beach to safeguard adjacent bays and mainland, protect wildlife and vegetation while welcoming the public to enjoy.

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Part of this responsibility is to maintain a Coastal Ecology Program on Duxbury Beach.  The Coastal Ecology Program researches and manages projects that preserve the beach and saltmarsh, and protect the native vegetation and wildlife. Projects include invasive plant management and native plantings; species inventorying to determine baseline populations and species habitat usage on-site; and maintenance of multiple ecosystems – from rocky intertidal and mudflats to dunes and salt marshes. An important focus of the coastal ecology program is the protection of state and federally-listed species on Duxbury Beach. DBR has developed an extensive and robust training, monitoring, and reporting program to track and manage listed species.

Spring and Summer 2024 Job Opportunities: 

Shorebird Monitor (Coastal Ecology Program)

Shorebird Monitor Supervisor (Coastal Ecology Program)

Field Technician (Coastal Ecology Program)

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Beach Status

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