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The Duxbury Beach Reservation's mission is to protect the structure of Duxbury Beach, preserve its ecological resources and maintain recreational access. Part of this responsibility is to maintain a Coastal Ecology Program on Duxbury Beach.  


The Duxbury Beach Coastal Ecology Program (including the Duxbury Beach Endangered Species Program as of January 2020) is an important part of spring and summer beach operations.  The management in place for nesting Piping Plovers and Least Terns is outlined in the Reservation's Certificate of Inclusion in the statewide Habitat Conservation Plan for Piping Plovers and is carried out by the Coastal Ecology Program staff and Town of Duxbury Beach Operations.

Spring and Summer 2021 Job Opportunities: 

Shorebird Monitor (Coastal Ecology Program)

Status: accepting applications for 2021

Shorebird Monitor Supervisor (Coastal Ecology Program)

Status: closed for 2021

Field Technician (Coastal Ecology Program)

Status: closed for 2021

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