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Duxbury Beach Needs Big Help

Over the past ten decades volunteers young and old and from near and far, have spent countless hours preserving and protecting Duxbury Beach.  The Duxbury Beach volunteer community has taken on everything from testing new erosion control methods, to organizing planting and cleanup efforts, to protecting and improving the beach through signage, outreach and a multitude of other projects.

Learn more about our Fall Beach Cleanup on October 16th!

New Opportunity!

Invasive Plant Management: Japanese Knotweed


DBR is undertaking a new and proactive way of handling this invasive species. Starting this year, we have begun cutting stems at the base every two weeks throughout the growing season. Our goal is that by the first frost in the fall, we have exhausted the plant’s energy stores and they die off over the winter. We’ll continue this process for several more years with the goal of continually exhausting the plants while simultaneously planting natives that have the best chances to out compete the invasive ones.

If you’re looking to volunteer with DBR and think you may be interested in helping to eradicate knotweed on Duxbury Beach, fill out this form! You'll receive email on how to sign up for specific days and times.  Perhaps you’ll even learn some tips and tricks you can apply to your own stands of knotweed. 

Appropriate for adults and for students over age 14. Not suitable for younger children.

Beach Status

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We welcome volunteers of any background, skill level, or interest!  If you are looking to get more involved with Duxbury Beach fill out one of our volunteer surveys below and one of our staff will be in touch to plan your volunteer experience!

Interested in getting more involved in the protection of Duxbury Beach?  Join DBR each spring and fall for a beach clean-up or grass planting event.  Keep an eye out for upcoming events by joining our email list. Click here to join!