Duxbury Beach Park Dune & Beach Restoration

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Duxbury Beach Park Project

What is the project? We plan to restore Duxbury Beach at Duxbury Beach Park by adding sand to the beach and dune along 1500ft to increase the width and height of the barrier beach.  We will plant beach grass and shrubs and redo pedestrian pathways to strengthen the dune and decrease vulnerability.

Why is it important? This project will help the beach better protect Duxbury Beach Park and Blakeman’s, the saltmarsh, Duxbury Bay, and the Duxbury mainland.  The project adds sand to a sand-starved system which will travel south and help protect all of Duxbury Beach – in turn protecting parts of Kingston, Duxbury, and Plymouth and associated bays.

What is the project status? Currently, we are working with Woods Hole Group to plan and permit for large scale coastal resilience work – including beach and dune nourishment along 3.8 miles of Duxbury Beach.  This project is one piece of that work.  The proactive planning and permitting (accomplished through Coastal Zone Management (CZM) grants and DBR funds) will allow us to begin construction in Fall 2022.

How much will it cost? Total project cost is approximately $1.6 million. Total cost will be partially dependent on timing of work and additional erosion and storm damage prior.

How will we pay for it? With the community’s support, we've raised over $500,000 towards this project. DBR also secured $190,000 through a North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant.  DBR will continue to pursue additional funding through grants. Community support will help secure the required funds.

Why Support Dune & Beach Restoration? During these turbulent times, we are seeing communities come together to meet challenges.  We are asking the Duxbury Beach community to do so now.  You can help build a stronger and more resilient Duxbury Beach.   

Your support will allow DBR to continue much needed beach and dune restoration - this time at the northern end of Duxbury Beach.  Dune and beach renourishment at Duxbury Beach Park will strengthen all of the barrier beach by adding sediment to a sand-starved system.  The work will directly protect the roadway, parking lots, and Blakeman's as well as the valuable salt marsh behind it. Taking proactive steps in vulnerable areas of the beach is vital as climate change impacts increase along the coast.   

You can help drive these coastal resilience protection efforts forward by becoming a Duxbury Beach supporter.  





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