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Coastal Ecology Program

Species Inventory

2018 marked the first time the Reservation began to put names and numbers to the species that spend time here. Using employee observations, as well as citizen science data from websites like and, the Reservation has been able to compile a list of all mammal, plant, and avian species spotted on Duxbury Beach during 2018. The Reservation hopes to track this data seasonally and over several years to learn more about which species use Duxbury Beach.

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Beach Status

Click here to
see the latest beach status information
from the
Duxbury Beach Operations Division.

There's a lot to learn about the hundreds of species of flora and fauna on Duxbury Beach!  DBR volunteer, Camryn McCrystal, made it a little easier by creating posters filled with fun facts about some of the many plants and animals you might see while visiting the beach.

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