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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Pam

Following the Cheers to 100 Years Celebration we are so grateful to all of the volunteers who gave their time and expertise. We decided to highlight some of the many dedicated folks who work with us in our blog and newsletter. Our first profile is on Pam Earle, Duxbury resident, beach-lover, and champion volunteer!

1. Why do you choose to volunteer at Duxbury Beach Reservation? Duxbury Beach is the reason we moved to town! Once I started volunteering specifically on the 100 Year Anniversary logo and branding, I was given the task to design the Impact Report. In doing so, I learned the history of the beach, the wildlife, the restoration projects, financials, ongoing research and the impact the beach has on the community. By learning all of this, it tied me closer to the beach and made me want to help protect it in any way that I can now and for future generations.

2. How did you first get involved with Duxbury Beach Reservation? I was asked to design the 100 Year logo, Impact Report, Website, Event invitations, Fact sheets and Event print (signs, table tents, etc.). After the first meeting, I realized quickly that I was very lucky to be part of such an extraordinary team. I worked closely with them for over nine months leading up to the 100 year event and look forward to many years to come.

3. What has been your favorite project to work on with Duxbury Beach Reservation? All of the 100 year branding! After creating the logo, it was carried across the Impact Report and then to the invitations. We then introduced some fun characters that we referred to as “beach party goers”. Who doesn’t love a seal with a party hat? From there it was fun to create each new piece.

4. What do you wish other people knew about Duxbury Beach Reservation? While people enjoy spending time on our beautiful beach, it protects Duxbury’s Snug Harbor and inner coast. The amount of projects that go into protecting the beach are endless. Knowing the projects help appreciate the hard work and cost that goes into it. A few examples of these projects are the road repair, 5.5 miles of fencing, beach grass & shrub plantings, 22 dumpsters of debris, sand berm, vegetative berm, new sand, repaving of crosswalks, storm damage, burying whales and new this year, the mobility mats.

5. What is your favorite spot on Duxbury Beach? The first crossover ramp. My daughters Quinn and Summer and I love waking up early and watching the sun rise.

6. What do you do when you aren’t volunteering? My family and I love to travel! My husband Adam and children Gavin (14) Quinn (12) and Summer (9) have visited 12 countries in past year including Asia and Europe. We have a lot of fun! I also love my job- I am a Senior Designer on the advertising team at Verizon Media (which includes Yahoo, AOL, Huffington Post, Microsoft Xbox. I am the XR (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 3D and Virtual Reality) design lead on the team. I love working with brands all over the world and keeping up with the latest technology but also love working locally within my community. Days off in the summer are spent at the beach or out on the boat!

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