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New Faces and New Roles at DBR

Duxbury Beach Reservation is delighted to announce the election of four new Trustees. Pamela Earle, Becky Garrett and Corey Wisneski of Duxbury and Theresa (Teak) Hewitt of Marshfield have joined 22 volunteers who currently serve as Trustees.

In addition, four of DBR’s dedicated Trustees were elected as Directors beginning terms in 2021 – Ted Devnew, Don Gunster, Andre Martecchini, and Jason Wolfson of Duxbury. Current Director, Clark Hinkley stepped in as the President of DBR, and filling his former role of Treasurer is Sue Rourke.

After 14 years of service, Margaret “Maggie” Kearney has stepped down as President and Director of Duxbury Beach Reservation. Maggie will continue to serve as a Trustee as she has done for the past 34 years. Maggie Kearney’s distinguished service to Duxbury has spanned decades. Maggie is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her. She leads by example with her inimitable style, hard work and selflessness. Through her leadership, those qualities have become the cultural hallmarks of Duxbury Beach Reservation.

Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc.’s bylaws require that its governing body shall include representatives of environmental organizations and that a majority of the directors shall reside in Duxbury. Among the Trustees are coastal geologists, engineers, conservationists, business professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, photographers, beach walkers, and all are enthusiastic beach goers.

The role of a Trustee is to help to fulfill the important objectives of the Reservation. They serve on committees, help make decisions, provide expertise, raise money, and represent DBR in the community.

Every Trustee volunteered for the Reservation in some capacity before they were nominated and elected to serve as voting members. Over the past ten decades volunteers young and old and from near and far, have spent countless hours preserving and protecting Duxbury Beach. Reservation volunteers have taken on everything from testing new erosion control methods, to organizing planting and cleanup efforts, to protecting and improving the beach through signage, outreach and a multitude of other projects.

DBR welcomes new volunteers to help out with a variety of projects, events, and day to day work to help protect Duxbury Beach.

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