Duxbury Beach Park is set to reopen to the public on Friday, May 22, 2020.  For more information click here.  The Town leased portion of Duxbury Beach is set to reopen on Monday, May 25, 2020.  For more information click here.

Preserve. Protect. Enjoy.

During this uncertain time, Duxbury Beach Reservation is committed to continuing its mission to protect and restore Duxbury Beach for today and for future generations.  Duxbury Beach is an irreplaceable natural resource that provides buffer from storm surge, habitat for rare species, recreational opportunities, and much more.

Your help is vital to continuing this important work.  The Reservation needs community assistance to preserve this amazing place.  Thank you for being a part of the protection efforts. 

Together We can Protect and Restore Duxbury Beach


Our mission is to restore and to preserve the beaches in so far as reasonably possible in their natural state as host to marine life, native and migratory birds and indigenous vegetation, as barrier beaches for the protection of Duxbury and Kingston and as a priceless environmental asset to the Commonwealth and the nation; and to operate for the benefit of the people of Duxbury and the general public a public recreational beach with all necessary and incidental facilities, while preserving the right to limit and regulate such use so as to be consistent with the corporation’s primary ecological objective.

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Thinking about visiting Duxbury Beach? Get all the latest information about parking, current conditions and find out about all of the wonderful things there are to do here.

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Not only is Duxbury Beach a beautiful place to enjoy, it is also an important barrier protecting local towns and a precious wildlife habitat. Learn how we are working hard to preserve Duxbury Beach.

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Becoming a member provides you with access to all of the latest beach information, in addition to helping us fulfill our mission to preserve Duxbury Beach for all future generations.

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