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Keeping the Beach Clean

Thank you to the Calista Family for their amazing efforts to clean up Duxbury Beach and to promote healthy coastlines. We're excited for more families to spend time together out on the beach, helping to protect and preserve Duxbury Beach.

Duxbury Beach Reservation is so grateful for the support of the Calista Family and their generosity in providing "I Am Not Plastic" trash bags for the clean-up this fall (provided through the Party in a Box event)! These bags are biodegradable and compostable, helping to limit the further use of plastic while cleaning up the beach.

Don't worry if you don't have an "I Am Not Plastic" bag - get creative! Take a look around your house and find a reusable alternative to a normal plastic trash bag. Buckets, canvas bags, back packs, etc. can be a great alternative to single use plastic bags.

While we have to stay apart to keep everyone safe, we’d love to see your clean-up efforts on social media! Use the hashtag #duxburybeachcleanup2020 and tag @duxburybeachreservation to encourage others to get out outside and reduce trash in our environment.

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