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In Memory of Shawn Dahlen

Shawn Dahlen not only served the Town of Duxbury but also was a trustee and director of Duxbury Beach Reservation. Everyone knows Shawn loved sailing, and he also loved Duxbury Beach. The following remembrances are from members of DBR’s Technical Committee, which Shawn led for many years.

Shawn always had a positive “can-do” attitude (he aptly named his sailboat “Attitude). He didn’t dwell on the numerous reasons why something couldn’t be done but rather on finding solutions without affixing blame. He was always prepared with facts and figures at meetings or site visits. Because he was in the construction business, he was able to get contractors to address emergency conditions, especially after major storms. He was always one of the first people out on the beach after a storm to survey the damage and coordinate repair efforts.” [Andre Martecchini]

Shawn was incredibly inquisitive and smart. Whether you agreed with him or not, he always offered a practical solution to any issue related to managing the beach. His input will always be remembered and appreciated. [Jim O’Connell]

Shawn supervised all physical work performed on the beach, including emergency repairs made necessary by storm damage. He was particularly well suited for this responsibility because of his ingenuity, experience in construction projects, and his many business contacts. [Alan Vautrinot]

Shawn was a committed volunteer who took pride in his ability to get any job done. DBR was lucky to benefit from Shawn’s time and talent. His hard work and influence will be a bar to reach for DBR volunteers for many years to come. [Betsey Campbell]

Shawn’s love of the beach was evidenced by the level of energy he brought to the Technical Committee. As a director, he always took pride in the DBR’s accomplishments and was willing to try innovative projects. He has left large shoes to fill. [Don Gunster]

Shawn was one of the most organized people I’ve ever known. Whenever we needed information related to a past project, he would pull open a file drawer and within seconds produce whatever we needed. He was always calm, focused, and able to offer a solution. Shawn steered DBR’s Technical Committee like he steered his sailboat—with enthusiasm, care, and love of Duxbury Beach. We all miss him. [Maggie Kearney]

Dedicated DBR volunteers and trustees: Joe Conway, Jason Wolfson, Dan Baker, Shawn Dahlen, Jim O'Connell, Richmond Poole, Alan Vautrinot

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