The Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc.’s bylaws require that its governing body shall include representatives of environmental organizations and that a majority of the directors shall reside in Duxbury. Among the trustees are coastal geologists, engineers, conservationists, business professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, photographers, beach walkers, and all are enthusiastic beach goers.

Board of Directors

Margaret Kearney

Clark J. Hinkley, President

Timothy McCrystal, Clerk

Ted Devnew

Joseph M. Grady, Jr.

Donald Gunster

William Hartigan

Ken Johnston

Andre Martecchini

James F. O’Connell

Sue Rourke, Treasurer

Alan C. Vautrinot

Jason Wolfson


Colleen Brayer

Betsey Campbell

Fred Clifford

Doug Dondero

Pam Earle 

Sara Fargo

Becky Garrett 

Robert F. Hayes

Teak Hewitt 

Tammy A. Kirk

Ken Meyers

W. Richmond Poole

Noreen Wenger

Corey Wisneski 


Peter A. Alpert

Nancy Bennett

Kay Foster

Lester Smith

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee oversees the ecological aspects of maintaining the beach. Duxbury Beach operates under Orders of Condition that are issued by the Conservation Commission and follows its beach management plan, which is modified on an annual basis. In January of each year, the Committee submits to the Duxbury Conservation Commission a proposal of work that needs to be done to prepare the beach for summer. That proposal includes such items as grass planting, replacing snow fencing, fertilization, debris removal, and dune nourishment. Additionally, they are responsible for the submission of grant applications to state and federal governments. The Technical committee also oversees the Endangered Species Program, which the Reservation funds. The committee works with the state’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program to prepare for the annual arrival of the piping plovers in April. Any and all preservation and restoration work on the beach must be approved by the Conservation Commission and completed before April 1 (due to nesting of threatened species).

Duxbury Beach Preservation Society (DBPS)

The Duxbury Beach Preservation Society is a subcommittee of Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., which was created from the Save the Beach group, a collection of concerned volunteers who came together to help raise money for the prodigious beach restoration efforts (needed after the 1991 No- Name storm and again in 1992 following a devastating northeaster). The Preservation Society has a twofold mission: to educate the public about the importance of caring for the beach and to raise funds for beach preservation projects and the storm damage fund. As the Reservation struggled to repair the beach following the devastating No-Name Storm of 1991, it soon became apparent that its finances were inadequate for the required restoration of the beach. The group that emerged was the Save Duxbury Beach Committee, and they mainly focused on fund-raising activities in the wake of another severe northeaster that washed away the original artificial dune and required construction of a second dune. After all the efforts, the Save Duxbury Beach Committee began to discuss the Reservation’s goals to continue restoration efforts, replenish the storm damage fund, and begin long-range planning. Thus was born the Duxbury Beach Preservation Society, a subcommittee of the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., in 1995. All are welcome to join the Duxbury Beach Preservation Society.

Beach Status

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