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Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2593, Duxbury, MA 02331 

Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Copyright © 2019 · Duxbury Beach Reservation



The Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc.’s bylaws require that its governing body shall include representatives of environmental organizations and that a majority of the directors shall reside in Duxbury. Among the trustees are coastal geologists, engineers, conservationists, business professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, photographers, beach walkers, and all are enthusiastic beach goers.

Board of Directors

Margaret Kearney, President

Clark J. Hinkley, Treasurer

Timothy McCrystal, Clerk

Joseph M. Grady, Jr.

William Hartigan

Ken Johnston

Edward F. Lawson

James F. O’Connell

Sue Rourke

Alan C. Vautrinot


Peter A. Alpert

Nancy Bennett

Colleen Brayer

Betsey Campbell

Fred Clifford

Ted Devnew

Doug Dondero

Sara Fargo

Kay Foster (emeritus)

Donald Gunster

Robert F. Hayes

James R. Kent

Tammy A. Kirk

Andre Martecchini

Ken Meyers

Elaine Nudd

W. Richmond Poole

Lester Smith

Friend Weiler

Noreen Wenger

Jason Wolfson

Beach Status

Click here to
see the latest beach status information
from the
Duxbury Police Department.